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cost. we told but this administration's love of high-speed rail, they are spending your tax dollars on a 20-mile long track, 21 stops on the island of oh oahu. which is only 30-miles wide, department of important will $ send $1.1 billion. of federal dollars. that is it for tonight's willis report, thank you for joining us, have a great night. lou: good evening, the senate in a proceed rally vote rejected the president's choice to be next secretary of defense,
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senator hagel's bid is in limbo after senate republicans delayed his nomination. the former senator came up two votes short of the needed 60 to end debate on his nomination. the first time in history defense secretary nominee has been blocked by a filibuster, the white house and seen at leadership, -- senate leadership seemingly trying every gambit to win the required 60 votes, harry reid even went so far as to scare republicans into advances hagel's nomination. >> if is shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a fully empowered secretary of defense. considering all of the things we have going on the world. lou: gathering, curious, concerned and amused looks, we have a defense secretary, he is none other than. the soon to be outgoing defense
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secretary leon panetta who has fledged he will remain in the job until his successor is sworn to office. republicans chose to block hagel's confirmation until they get answers from the white house on the president's role and his action during the benghazi terrorist attack on september 11 last year, yielding some what to that pressure today, the white house for the first time revealed in a letter that the president did not personally ask the libyan government for help. and acknowledged he relied on then secretary of state hillary clinton, to reach out on his behalf. that is a revelation that outraged senators lindsey graham. >> the president of united states did not make any phone calls to any government official in libya, the entire period of the attack. he found out from the letter he called governmmnt officials in libya on september 12. after everyone was dead.
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>> we would not have gotten answers but for push are for this the more answers we've gotten, we've shown this is a national security failure. >> oyote and graham have beee two of the most system skeptical. but they are hardly the republican's only concerns, questions remain over the former senator's past statements and his votes on israel, iran, iraq and nuclear weapons, and at this hour not clear that hagel will be able to placate opposition to his domination, but sense tear reed said that the senate the try for a vote 12 days from today. senate majority leader just released this statement, we want to share it with you, in a time of war and threats to americans at home and abroad, senate
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republicans are waging first ever filibuster of a deficient secretary nominee -- a defense secretary nominee. -- republicans have constantly invented new pretext for opposing senator's hagel nominations and republicans continue their embarrassing display of disregard of our national security. senator harry reid expressing his frustration but no ex broke of support or promise of a another come first may be of hagel. to assess the is the situationw kt mcfarland, and dr. walid phares. senator harry reid suggestions that republican parties throwing national security to the wind. >> bologna, there have been plenty of times when u.s. has been without the secretary of
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defense. usually what happens is deputy secretary of defense is the acting secretary of defense, a good guy, he could be acting, are other thing, panetta has not left yet, that is bologna. that is not the argument. the fact is that two reasons that senators are opposing hagel. one is lindsay graham, and senator iaot have real questions about benghazi, and the other hand senator has questions about hagel. both of those together, are causing real problem, and a lot of the wounded on hagel are self inflicted. lou: and waleed as you read that letter from white house revealing, that the president did not contact anyone in the libyan government, that he relied upon his secretary of state, who has said she had no role in the days affairs.
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what is your reaction? >> well, look, lou, we really don't have the big picture in details about what happened in benghazi. i keep repeating that the key point is, what was the perception of the administration of the threat existing? did they consider that our location in be benghazi is surrounded by 10 jihadi training centers and had taken all procedures or not? this would have to be answered. but is probably now the more important is statement by senator harry reid, in a time of war, in a time of threat against american, precisely lawmakers have to be thorough in their choice, and there are 3 important policy matters, one is position about iran, second is position about iz reaction israd is position of preparedness of the u.s. on jihadi attacks.
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lou: they have postponed cia director brennan at least until next week. diane feinstein demanding the white house turnover more details, this is the leading polygaleadnational security i tr to say. >> i think that the administration politically in a little bit of trouble. secretary of defense, on the rope, the plan who'll be cia director, a question there so i think if you look at both of those things together, the administration is having issues. i think they will both be confirmed but you will have a very weakened secretary of defense two has two jobs. he is weakened by a thousand blows, the longer he twists in
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the wind, the longer people find out things they will find out overdue library books from fifth grade, it will be a cut, cut, i think he will have a lot of trouble doing the job that the presidentments him to do. lou: -- presidentments him to do. lou: waleed, senator feinstein and her colleagues, they are looking at drone strikes against terrorists. they want to understand more about benghazi. at what point in your assessment your judgment,d does the white house begin to understand they can continue to nonsense of saying they are transparent, but offering no, no information what so ever, how long can they continue that, when they have senator feinstein demanding information? >> well, this is an indicator that really there is no consensus on national security if senators from both parties are questioning those issues issue the message is clear, we don't feel, senators do not feel, let alone majority in
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house do not feel that the obama administration is clear as to how to define a split -- threat, we failed in benghazi. i am concerned on the issue of iran, on one han, letters about engaging the iranian regime, and other hand reports saying that irannians are all over the place sending weapons to yemen and somalia and else where. >> the wheels are go to congress off the bus, seems to be in trouble. we can't seem to get anybody i think this a big mess it is going to get worse. lou: thank yo thank you very muh kt mcfarland, and dr. waly walid phares, thank you. lou: the trip from hell for 4200 people aboard a cruise liner is about to end. we'll have live pictures here of the ship that was stranded at sea for days after its engine
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caught fire. we'll be -- turn to fox news correspondent, live right now in mobile, with the report, jonathan, how close is that ship? >> reporter: you know, the estimates put it arrival between 9:30 central and half past midnight. it will be a very late night for more than 3,000 passengers who have experienced a series of delays, coming in earlier this afternoon, as they were approaching mobil, bay, one of the you going to boats, pulling the ship, reported a broken tow line, there was a spare tugboat but then the line between that boat, and the vessel, broke, they got that repaired, delayed them about an hour, but then the ship got underway. but even when they arrive, here, at the cruise port, in mobil, getting all of those 3,000 plus
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passengers off. could take some time. >> our estimate right now once the ship ties up. 4 to 5 hours to complete the debarking of the guests off the ship, it will take some time, but we do have a good plan in place, we have a lot of people in place. >> reporter: even once they get all passengers off it still is not over, there are a few passengers that have family and friends here, meeting them in mobile, they can leave right away, but by and large, passengers will be boarding tour buses, some of those buses toward original ports they left from in texas, others to hotels in new orleans uthe passenger's choice. those who want to suffer a long bus ride after this long cruise to get home or those who want to get some sleep at a hotel in new orleans then board charter flights over the course of
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friday, a lot of people have been asking why new orleans instead of mobile, carnival has more charter flight options out of the larger airport in new orleans, but for most passengers, disembarking off this cruise ship they will have to experience some long bus rides anywhere from 2 hours to new orleans to longer for those going to texas. >> this just, an ordeal for those 4200 people, it is just the beginning of an ordeal for carnival cruise lines. the liabilitiy. the -- i think the expense of the stock is down a couple points. and i think we're going to see even worse in the days ahead. jonathan se ri thank you very much. much more ahead, we'll talk with one of the passengers aboard this ship, ironically, named the triumph, we'll be talking with that passenger here later in the
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broadcast. lou: john boehner no longer taking president obama serious seriously. andrea and juan williams join us. >> mega-merger, world's largest airline closer to reality, we'll tell you what it means to the cost of air travel. next. the capital one cash rewards card giveyou 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% re flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff.
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lou: american airline to become world's biggest carrier, aviation consultant mike void will be joining us. on the surface on wall street it looked like a calm session. the dow jones down 9.95 at close, s&p 500 and nazdaq moving
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slightly higher, closing at 52-week highs, it of busiest day on the big board since the beginning of the month, 3.7 billion shares traded. stock of heinz up 27 her 27%. gm missing earnings expectations, stock dropping as a result. carnival cruise line slipping lower today, warning its earnings will be hurt. 8 to 10-cents a share for first half of the year as a result of the cruise liner and 4200 passengers in crew, stock down 4% this week. gold down $9.05s an ounce. crude oil moving higher. and closing at 97.31 a barrel, and buland. >> american airlines and u.s. airways announcing their agreement to a $11 billion
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merger to become world's largest airline, this is the fourth major airline deal over last 5 years. joining us now with perspective understand anding of the deal, and itsismcatio implications, m, good to have you with us. this is a industry where it is tough to make money, and is this one going to to make money? >> oh, yeah no question. both carriers, can make money, you put them together, there is not a lot of overlap, a lot of cross feeds this is create, it will help communities and the consumer too. we have one less brand choice but really, it is not that big a dial, they don't overlap much. lou: you know, you shock me just a little bit. have neither of the company been in bankruptcy? >> oh, it has been -- >> they have been in and out like they need a turn style for crying out loud.
7:20 pm
>> difference is, in last 5 years, the carriers, individually, have cut about 12% of their comment, they are not adding new airplanes, the craziness is out of the industry right now, and this year, they will have less capacity so we think, i think stabilitiy is in. don't let your sons and daughters go into the airline business and don't investment but overall, what is there they can make money. lou: bob crandle who used to run american airlines told me some time back, if he -- if he had -- if he knew then what he knows now, he would never have gotten near the airline industry, the margins are too small, frustration too large. >> there is no question about it just, a very low margin, but i think, craziness is out of it, the huberrous is out of it. we'll see a stable industry. lou: i have to say, not all hubberrous is out if american
7:21 pm
airlines can takeover u.s. airways, and get that excited, there is a little confidence, i'll defer to our -- >> it is the other way, u.s. air going after american, more than the other way. lou: well, i take your point. but, we know what will be called no. >> we do. lou: so, what about most importantly, for most of the people watching, two things, one, passengers are we going to pay more as a result of this merger? >> not necessarily as a result of the merger. we'll pay more. in most markets where they don't have a lot of price -- in 76 of markets top 100 markets where they can compete they get then than 5% increase in markets share points, but prices are going up because capital cost is going up and fuel going up, watch for that to happen with or without this merger, we can take that to vegas and make book on it. lou: how about just looks at screens and make a decision 'financials, and you tell our
7:22 pm
will folks listening should they think about visting in this company? >> i am biassed, i have been in it all my life, i would not touch it with a barge pole but it might be suit able that a sophisticated investor could do. lou: thank you, mike boyd, thank you. lou: up next. senate dems offer their plan to avoid the s so call sequester -- act, here is what i want to call an act, if we're going to do, that call it the apple pie candy rock mountain mr. sand man sweet dreams policy acts. we'll take with up with andrea tanteros and juan williams here next.
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lou: the series of automatic spending cuts known at
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sequester, set to hit just two weeks from tomorrow, senate democrats releasing an alternative plan calling for $55 billion in new taxes on the wealthy,, that is fair. republicans claiming that it is dead on arrival. how speaker boehner placing blame squarely on the president. >> we our positions clear we outlined it. the sequest se sequester is thee the president insisted it be there where is the president's plan to replace the sequester that he insisted upon. lou: joining us now, andrea tanteros and she is the new it girl for fox news. fox news political analyst, juan williams, columnist for the hill, a find fellow but he ain't
7:27 pm
the it guy. he is, it seems boehner found his voice and grounded himself for battle. >> i think that the right wing of the republican party helped him find his voice in particular after the fiscal cliff, there is no way boehner could have taken any other position. this is the best we can get with the sequester, this is a good start it was the president's idea, we'll sit back, and let himt happen, and they are right this is dead on arrival, senate can do whatever it wants, it is not going anywhere. lou: juan? >> i think that it is bad politic the. i think bad for the country, but it looks like, lou, somebody is in a hole, person in the hole is the aren't party, and some reason they keep digging deeper, i think that american people will react to the sequester with alarm it slows up defense industry, worse erns our
7:28 pm
defense. they will see what it does in terms of education, force responders. >> then why did the president propose it? >> at the time it was proposed it was supported by speaker boehner but by most republicans on capitol hill, the republicans. it would not have been possible -- >> okay. so why not just luck the cuts take place, how republicans have passed tw 2 versions of a replat bill, white house has not touched and looked at them, this is a debacle that i would argue, lou that democrats created themselves. >> oh. >> andrea is right on part of this. only bipartisan piece of work i've seen, agreeing on the a quester -- sequester, and democrats, and president said, it is not going to happen, he
7:29 pm
promised the american people that last year, here we are two weeks to the day to if happent happening. >> remember we went past the fiscal cliff. lou: the republicans -- had a president obama -- his trustee gun to their head. >> that is just politics, i think that republicans have played hard ball for a long time, on this one, i think they are digging deeper in a hole. they in a posture where president does not want to do the sequester, they say, they don't want to do the is a quester, but they say, we are not getting this domestic cuts unless we do it, we'll take advantage of it and push the president on it unless he comes back on the table. >> but juan, senate democratic replacement bill is worse. it hurts soldiers, and farmers,
7:30 pm
and flyover countries, how can you argue this is a good bill? lou: to senator feinstein. >> it is a one-for-one deal, 50% cut and 50% new revenue, most americans see it as a planned approach 9. lou: is sounds so attractive the way you, press it juan, to senator feinstein. saying, not going forward for a week until we get answers on benghazi and we understand what is happening here, juan. would you have expected that fizzure to occur in your party. >> well, i am a democrat, but i am not speaking as a representative of the party. this is not a surprise -- >> can we put you down as leaning? >> no, i am a registered democrat, lou, i i don't know
7:31 pm
about you and andrea. lou: i am an independent. >> do you really need to ask me, juan. >> i know what you are, but lou wanted to make a point of it for audience go right ahead. but i what surprises me is not the demand on chu chuck hagel fr more information with regard i think to wa what is going on in syria and iran. what surprises me is that they are willing to do this at a time when people will say, you guise, admit -- guys at mid you will allow the vote and approve him in a week, what is -- why play politics. >> juan, what a short memory you have, i know democrats do not like this bring this up, but they blocked george hw bush's nominee for department of defense decade ago for drinking too much and because he behaved
7:32 pm
inappropriately with women, all thigh are asking for -- all they are asking for is a little more information, what is the problem with this, they had 4 dead americans, and they dragged their feet in benghazi, had they answered though questions then, we would have to ask them now. >> this is rhetoric, we have a war in afghanistan. >> we have a war? >> you say we don't need a secretary of defense. >> i don't think that -- that -- >> i'm sorry, whatis, juan, what what leon panetta's job? >> he went home to california. lou: he has pledged to stay. >> yeah, right, he is gone, he was. >> maybe the president should
7:33 pm
not head to palm beach, it sounds like heavy lifting, only thing he will be lifting are blue hawaiians. >> juan, the country did not have secretary of defense any filling that post while leon panet av home oets after home on california. >> thank you, juan. >> come on. lou: andrea thank you. lou: much more on the sequester later with the a team. >> chuck hagel, no easy process, the a-team on the president's choice to be the next defense secretary. liberal outrage at sports illustrationed over some images. no, not kate upton. >> trip from hell almost over for the carnival cruise line passengers and crew aboard what we call, the stink boat, next. hi, anne.
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lou: we want to bring you up-to-date, the pictures of the carnival cruise line ship that triumph, taken this afternoon. it is also known at the stink boat. it was supposed to be a 4-day luxury cruise that turned into a nightmare in the gulf, the ship's engines caught fire over the weekend, the ship, being tugged to port in mobile, alabama. and more than 4,000 passengers, and crew onboard. they are desperate to escape, they have food shortages, toilets over flowing, disease, just everything that a luxury cruise is never supposed to be. it all began a week ago. the car carnival truimph left galston, texas thursday, it was supposed to return monday, but
7:38 pm
the engine room fire sunday morning sent the ship adrift it shut down its engines, it was 150-miles off of the coast of yucatan peninsula, once the ship does tie up at mobile, alabama dock, it is to take 5 hours to get every off the ship, and passengers will then board buses and travel at least two more hours to hourson houston or a hotel in new orleans, joining us now is chad simmons, can you hear me, he is a board the ship. >> i can hear you. lou: how do you feel? how are passengers doing? what is happening. >> you know, honestly, as of now i think there is more is hope now that we can see land. i guess the you know the emotions and feelings are more
7:39 pm
positive, and reassuring. but still everyone is still skeptical and tensions are high. we've been so long without power, limited on plumbing, we had several plumbing issues, as you probably heard it has been a very unsanitary condition, with toilet, and. rainwater was a rare commodity as well as hot food and lighting, we've been able to regain some of those this last day. conveniently, it would have been flies earlier in the tri-- better earlier in the trip, but everyone is now kicking back and hoping we get to port soon, i don't know, just, you know every hour there is a new obstacle that sets us back more and more, they promise us, you know you will be back thursday morning now thursday afternoon, now hours day night who knows if we'll get back you know hopefully early friday morning.
7:40 pm
so with the i guess, what we have to through 1 we get to port, with triage, and just getting 3,000 people off a cruise ship in a port that is usually not accommodating to this side size of a ship. lou: how is your health? we can understand all of the frustration you must feel. that everything you are going through, how is healthy of other passengers? given that you have toiletting over flowing, a disaster aboard. >> i -- i was telling my girlfriend. you know, fortunately, you know in my case, i'm you know a young male, i with stand some of the issues, and you know, take care of myself, and make sure i stay hydrated but there are a lot of elderly passengers and elderly with health concerns, in these circumstances, with the intense
7:41 pm
heat, and now intense cold, and you know complete, big bacterial issues throughout the boat, raw sawage down the aisles where the rooms are at and the walls. >> chad we're putting up pictures that you sent us of the deck. you saw there, folks, looking at the deck, sun screens, above. and passengers trying to find some place to sleep there. can you still hear me, chad? >> i can, they are on the pa, right now, give me one second. lou: askechad listens to the pa, he has very short battery life, there is an hour wait, to get to the charger for your phone.
7:42 pm
and we're hoping that he sufficiently charged up there to give us a sense. as to his feelings now. and what the carnival has been doing in response. the ceo of carnival, who is the chairman ceo, mickey air son, his company also, coming under harsh criticism. appropriate cristism in minds of many who the costa concordia ship run aground in italy, chad. the ceo said he will give you $500 a piece for your inconvenience. >> we've been laughing about it, it is not even about the money at this point, we are we'll give our life savings to get off this boat, we're not looking for compensation, we're look to be
7:43 pm
treated like a human, i wish the isthe-- don't wish these is,es n esscircumstances on anybody, i e sorry for those with health issues and handicap people onboard, all ve elevators, onlyy to get up and down is stair well, some people are limited to transportation on the boat to one spot. and you know, like you said, it looks like a shantytown on the upper deck. >> i want to say, we're coming up on a hard break, i want to say thank you very much. we're pulling for everyone aboard the ship. and hope that the schedule tonight, that carnival is giving with you correct, and you have as little discomfort from lear on through, chad thank you.
7:44 pm
>> thank you uso much. lou: we'll be right back. with the a-team. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at lou: left wing web site jess a bell is slamming, "sports illustrated" swi swimsuit issue, using minorities at props, the models in bikinis opposing on ing on 7 cond7continents. the cover model posed i in antarctica with penguins. there is no outrage from the very same group about the president and his use of props
7:48 pm
whether it be a minority, first responders, mom and op or children as props like today in georgia. where he was pushing for preschool programs. twitter and facebook users had a lot to say about my chalk talk last night, i put a light on president's loose, well hold on the facts as he talked about the economy, and cabinet choices, george said, lou, would make a suburb secretary of treasury, his numbers add up, we understands when you spend more than you take in you about bankrupt, the concept beyond comprehension of any in the obama administration. thank you. karen said, with the way that defense secretary has been run over the last several years with a secretary, i doubt we'll notice that the seat is empty. that is hank. but there it is. joining us now a-time, jedediah
7:49 pm
biela, monica crowley, remy spencer. >> thank you. lou: start with this controversy over questio question jessa belo props. >> this is us in the -- nuts, this is bogus, i don't think there is anything racist about sports il"sports illustrated" wh different cultural backgrounds to promote their annual esexy, swimsuit edition. lou: this one edition of "sports illustrated" it more profitable as far as -- i think i am right on this i believe this is more profitable than any other time ink property, in this one edition. >> it is. so, the people at "sports illustrated" know what they are
7:50 pm
doing. this is just a web site's attempt to try to garner publicity for itself, here we are talking about it, it has worked. lou: professor mark lemonte hill has gained publicity for himself. saying quote, many people are not rooting for the l.a.p.d. killer. to kill 99 people 99 innocent py are rooting for a revenge against the sim. here is a professor, who has said,y apologizes to the family that he wronged and insulled and hurt. your reaction? >> this is insane to me, this is not a movie, this is real life, this man is a murderer. he murdererred innocent people in cold flood, any clearcasion of 52 glory -- glorycasion of that, that killing of innocent
7:51 pm
people is disgusting. lou: do you agree. >> i do, what is interesting too, for decades we've seen a trend on lift to glorify cop killers, but 6. whe security po- second point when we see real world gun violence immediately we see them come after guns, but in this case, they are equating a real life gun killer by glorifying him by comparing him to movie killers. >> we're coming back with the a-team. stay with us. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the vture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, yoguys!
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lou: we're back with the a-team, the president discovered that chicago is the murder capital of the country, it has.
7:55 pm
for the president's agenda, one of the if not the toughest gun laws in the country. more than 500 murders last year. your thoughts ? >> it is fascinating that the president from chicago himself is sort of realizing that they have such a problem with crime, and gun control. notwithstanding, as you said, some of the most strict penalties for any violation of gun laws, this is a inherent cone tradition in white house plan about gun control. it shows that stricker penalty and laws does not necessarily mean, safer streets. lou: well, and the president, and national libya media horizon -- liberal media has reported on this. >> this is shocking. lou: the president has walked back from gun control, and the national media is ignoring that, he said he wants a vote, he did not call or demand gun control,
7:56 pm
he is letting those democratic senators walk back. >> and twist in the wind, there are a lot up next year from, red states that support second amendment, when president goes out over last couple days, and said they demand a vote or they need a vote, meaning gun violent victims, let's turn that on president obama and request a budget, or some up-and-down vote on his budget or -- >> they have requested -- you are kidding, the republicans have been requesting it for 4 years. >> let's use his own words against him, and say we demand a vote. lou: i don't know that you can turn things around on this president. i am not too sure that the republicans are first of all gifted in that way. >> you don't say. >> and i just, i am not sure what the right strategy is for the republicans, but it is one that i think that john boehner is starting to show a glimpse of
7:57 pm
what is appropriate with some backbone. we're not playing your game. >> i was impressed that john boehner finally had the guts to say, we're throwing this back to the senate, you have to start doing your job. the first time he showed that leadership, and i think push back involves yes better marketing and strategy, but g.o.p. response to state of union was a start, despite them focuses on marco rubio's water, i think he did a great job. lou: and i think something else terrific happened as a result of senator's now famous, sip. we'll be right back with the a-time. stay with us. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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